Why Smarter,
Faster and Leaner?

Smarter, Faster and Leaner represent the key capabilities usually desired by most stakeholders. An ERP and a focused process by a good implementation partner can help them get there.

Captures the company’s need to enable better
decision making throughout its valuechain – not just better decisions by managers and executives but better decisions by everyone, from the delivery truck driver and the forklift operator to the foreman, sales executive and CEO.

Represents the organization’s agility, speed and overall responsiveness. Responding swiftly to all stakeholders helps differentiate the company. Faster enables competitive edge, as well as adaptability to changing business conditions.

Is the company’s ability to scale and
do more with the same or less investment
in fixed costs and infrastructure.

We put Smarter, Faster and Leaner in that order because it represents the sequence of dependency. Companies need to start by being Smarter. This improvement in effective decision making will help them to reduce delays, move more nimbly and improve service levels across the Organization (ie it’s a pre-requisite to becoming Faster). By being more agile, a company will expose waste and unnecessary expense that it can eliminate (Leaner).